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Vacuum Packaging Will Change the Way You Preserve Your Products

Are you wondering whether you should invest in a Henkovac vacuum packaging machine Alberta? Well, you should do it. In this article, we discuss some of the benefits that you should expect by investing in a vacuum package machine.

Long Shelf Life

The use of vacuum packaging increases the shelf life of many products such as meat, vegetables, and fruits for as much as 50% to 400%. Once the right atmosphere that will offer maximum preservation has been identified, the vacuum packaging preservation techniques have been found to be highly effective. The vacuum packaging involves the creation of an altered enclosed atmosphere that has either reduced oxygen levels or addition of an inert gas. That artificial atmosphere is then sealed in a vacuum bag to prevent freezer burn once the product gets placed in a freezer. That is one of the best methods used to preserving meat around the world.

Economies of Scale

The ability to prevent product loss by preserving perishable products helps to increase profit margins by supplying the products when they are in high demand. The rest are preserved when the demand is low. That helps to keep production costs constant and manageable.


The use of wet aging techniques to preserve flavors as the meat gets cured is made possible by use of a vacuum packaging machine. The process uses the juices from the meat and the added flavors to wet age the meat in a sealed and controlled environment. That prevents the meat from going bad but at the same time helps to build its flavor. That is one of the great benefits of using a Henkovac vacuum packaging machine in Alberta.

No Chemical Preservation is Required

The level of oxygen determines how fast products can go bad. Creating an internal environment filled with an inert gas such as nitrogen preserves the products. That eliminates the need to use artificial chemicals.

Product Presentation

The use of clear vacuum bags in the vacuum preservation process helps to present the products without having to interfere with their preservation. Only a pre-printed sticker gets added onto the package.

Multiple Option Packaging

The use of plastic vacuum bags allows the packaging to get sealed in several ways depending on the customer specifications. Zippers that are re-closable or foil lined seals can be used. That makes it easy for consumers to access the product in a custom manner. The multiple sealing options also allow for sealing to be efficient and fast.